Ultima Classic Decanter and Funnel Set

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Ultima Classic Decanter and Funnel Set. This exquisite gift set allows wine to blossom into its full potential. 

Ultima Classic Decanter
This exquisite mouth-blown decanter allows wine to blossom into its full potential. Made in Europe from lead-free glass, the decanter features a classic wide base shape with an elegant curved neck. The indented well on the bottom allows for careful, one-handed pouring, by providing a place to secure your middle finger for a great grip. 

The wide base exposes the wine to more surface area and oxygen, allowing the wine to open up to its full potential, thus bringing out the very best qualities of the nose and flavor. 

Height 9 inches
Capacity: 44 oz
Made in Europe

Swissmar Stainless Steel Funnel
The Sommelier-quality set is made from stainless steel with a two-tone finish and mesh filter to stop sediment and particles of cork. Wine flows through three holes just above the closed bottom of the funnel, causing the wine to spread outward and down the inside walls of the decanter. This oxygenation process enhances the taste and aroma of young, tight wines. 

Includes a stainless steel base and drip-catcher.