Electric Wine Corkscrew

Reno Il Vino Fine Wine and Gift Sets


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Electric Corkscrew NEW. Our new and improved electric corkscrew pulls corks within seconds. 

This electric corkscrew is rated for up to 10,000 cork pulls, and can open up to 30 bottles with each charge. The corkscrew features a stainless-steel body with a blue LED light and push-button operation to remove and eject the cork.

To charge the corkscrew, place it in the sleek charging base, which also houses the foilcutter in a slim, organized design. 

Works with natural and synthetic corks. Includes a foil-cutter and charger.

Important note: Never use the corkscrew to pull a cork without first removing the foil. The spiral worm is coated with Teflon, and it will rub off if the worm pierce and/or drives through the foil.