Lighthouse Cork Cage

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Lighthouse Cork Cage. Inspired by 19th century lighthouses, the cork cage has three open floor levels: stairwell and storage, bedroom, and lantern room. Drop your cherished corks through an arch in the lantern room, or open the hinged base to store a bottle of wine. Artisan crafted with the detail of a fine art sculpture, this is a super special cage to display corks and wine.

Dimensions: 6 1/2w x 6 1/2d x 15h (inches). Holds up to 67 corks.

You can almost smell the salt air with this all-new nautical-themed cork cage.

  • Cleverly crafted from metal and dotted with whimsical multi-colored glass accents
  • Oversized to hold a huge number of corks
  • The soft patina finish gives a fanciful flair
  • The perfect gift for you or a friend